AGT Ankle Socks

Comes in bundles of 3.

Available in sizes Small & Medium.

Colours: Green, Black, Navy, White/Black, & White/Pink.

Oi. Support local brands la. From AGT, a name familiar to most NS men, we bring you these high-quality ankle socks.

Made in Korea because Singapore is a globalised economy. Yes, we read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

Footkaki Explains:

You never thought that much thought goes into the design of socks, right?

Thin and flexible at the top for easy movement, with thick padding at the bottom for cushioning the pushing. AGT’s ankle socks have all the features you should look out for in foot wrappers.

Made of spandex and yarn. We chose to carry these socks for their durability and comfort. At 3 pairs for this price, it’s also great sock value!